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Holiday property owners operate in an increasingly competitive market with Airbnb, association with company’s advertising properties, and production of their own properties websites. It’s vital that images of your property are high quality: simply put, high quality images sell your property to prospective clients far better than text, facts and figures. Often the entry to the market for new properties is Airbnb and I find myself doing more Airbnb property photography where the property is in the process of having a website produced, and being listed with advertising/overseeing rental management companies.

A recent search of a local Norfolk town: Wells Next the Sea found a number of properties I’ve photographed among the top results for the basic Airbnb search I’d done of the towns accommodation. This may be because people searching listings are attracted to high quality images and this results in bookings and the listings making it to the first page. However, I also know from previous experience producing images for market and selling websites that to the website showing the listings, attractive listings with nice professional images are sought after because they in turn sell the website itself in addition to the individual listings.

My approach to property photography is always to show both the available space and details from both the interior and exterior of a property. This is combined with photographic techniques that avoid distortion of details, ensure details are displayed and that interior lighting which can be particularly mixed and distasteful when photographed is reproduced in a pleasing manner which doesn’t distract from the property but displays it to its full potential.

I hope you like some images from a recent shoot. A web design and marketing company recommended me to the property owners to produce the images for the new website design and other listings. If you’d like some high quality property photography that will sell your property rental then please get in touch.


airbnb property photographs

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