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Looking for holiday accommodation can be a particularly time consuming task wading through lots of accommodation trying to get a feel not only for an area you may never have visited before but also the accommodation on offer. My first port of call after an area and availability search is always to scan the images of a property to try and get a feel of what’s on offer. Inevitably, the impression a viewer receives from poor quality or outdated images isn’t a good one which in a selection process isn’t ideal for your business, and this is why it’s vitally important to make sure that the photographs of your accommodation reflect the amount of effort you may have put into its decoration and facilities. As a property photographer I know how important it is to produce these high quality images, to make sure that they are well lit, warm and inviting to the viewer, and how this is how your accommodation will appeal to potential clients.

A recent assignment involved photographing newly decorated bed & breakfast rooms at a lovely rural farm B&B in Norfolk, Norfolk Courtyard. Whilst I was on site I also produced some new photographs of a gorgeous holiday cottage also available to rent. The decor of the rooms and cottage was second to none, and the obvious skill involved in the interior decoration inspired not only general views of the property concerned but also detail shots designed to capture the feel and style of the rooms.

When completing an assignment like this one, I look to produce images that are warm and bright, have a minimal amount of distortion where possible, are well lit by using additional lighting where needed rather than HDR techniques which can look unrealistic, and finally images that give the viewer a sense of how the accommodation could be used i.e. lifestyle type images. To achieve these results and the goals above investment in equipment is essential for this type of assignment.  The equipment utilised includes cameras, tripods, monopods, lighting stands, lighting clamps, small portable lights, wide angled lenses for coverage of smaller spaces, other lenses for detail photographs and diffusers used to manage natural light from windows. Finally, the images produced are carefully edited to ensure a consistent look and feel to your photographs that provides the basis for either a subconscious or conscious brand.

I hope you like a sample of the images I produce below.



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