Bedroom & Kitchen Photography: Anglia Kitchens and Bedrooms

Photography of Kitchen and Bedroom fittings and interiors are often mocked up in a studio by product manufacturers and these stock images are commonly found on the websites of kitchen and bedroom design companies. The photographs are lovely, painstakingly produced and edited but they do usually stand out as over polished examples that lack a little reality and don’t actually show real kitchens produced for real clients.

One ongoing assignment I have is to photograph the wonderful work of Anglia Kitchens and Bedrooms, a company based in Norwich who design, manufacture and install kitchens and bedroom furniture. I visit real clients homes to photograph their finished kitchens and bedrooms and these photographs are supplied to the company for marketing their work to new and potential customers. It’s a bit like getting to see grand designs on a regular basis and I’ve got to say very interesting to see the new innovations in kitchen design, equipment and fittings. Not only that but it’s also equally edifying to hear how much the clients enjoy their bespoke kitchens in particular whilst I produce my photographs.

My most recent visit involved photographing a kitchen, storage solutions, a boot room, a stairway window seat with storage and book cases, a dressing room, display units, a playroom storage solution based around a wall mounted television and even a full wall book case all installed by Anglia. It was great to see all the work completed and being utilised. I hope you enjoy a small example of my work and can appreciate the great and wide range of work Anglia Kitchens and Bedrooms complete.




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