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Presentation of boats for sale is often aided by high quality photographs particularly when you wish your buyer to make a special or long trip to come and view your boat. Looking through listings of good sized and expensive boats I’m always slightly appalled by the poor photography produced and the lack of decent lighting. It’s understandable, boats often are compact and some of their rooms and spaces small. This on the part of the would-be photographer requires precise positioning and care, use of a wide angle lens which in itself requires even more careful positioning, additional lighting other than the camera’s pop up flash, a bit of styling and often careful curating. Add to this post production in a decent photo editing suite and you actually get stunning images that will attract potential buyers rather than leave them scratching their head and wistfully looking at a floor plan.

Recent years have seen the addition of 360 tours, these are quite good but do have some serious downfalls. The first is the photo quality that creates the tours, these aren’t great, aren’t often colour faithful and often suffer from the same problems that the usual phone camera will suffer from when trying to photograph an interior, ie: distortion, noise, lack of dynamic range to cope with highlights and dark areas etc. The second is the user experience, I regularly tour properties using 360 tours, here they work relatively well, but on boats they’re not so easy to navigate, the last boat tour I took leaving me on the bank beside the boat instead of in it? The third is the price, and hosting of the tour. The 360 tours do require post production and more importantly hosting usually by a specialist 360 tour web hosting, this all costs money not only to put up but to maintain, money the boat seller has to cover.

As a boat sales photographer with experience photographing boat exteriors and interiors I find myself having to write this information. At the end of the day some good quality photographs will get your potential buyer to your boat, so that the boat can do the rest. If you would like some high quality images producing of your boat then get in touch for a bespoke quotation from a Broadland based photographer.

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