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I was very privileged last week to view the proofs of the ‘Green Parenting’ book written by local author Kate Blincoe and due to be published by GreenBooks of Cambridge later this year. I was asked to produce a series of photographs for the book last year and spent several days in all producing the photographs for the book over several months so that we could include elements of the different seasons of the year in the book.

Photographing a lovely family, and lots of details for the book was a joy and it was with a keen sense of how the book was to appear and it’s ethos that I approached the project. Hopefully together with Kate’s ideas, her publisher and other great contributions from local illustrators and a specific nature photographer we managed to produce a book as visually appealing as it is crammed with information for the environmentally aware parent. Certainly, just reading the proof of the book provided me, an already pretty environmentally aware parent myself, with lots of great and useful ideas to put into action. My new quest is to seek out a bamboo toothbrush: for although I reuse old toothbrushes for such things as cleaning dirt off camera equipment I can’t help thinking that all the plastic used in making them is a waste.

I can’t wait to see this book published, see how it’s received and hopefully see Kate write more books for our modern age. If you have a book planned or need images for a publication please consider me as your book or editorial photographer.

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