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It’s a little known fact that headshot photography should never be done on a Monday-people are work focussed on Monday and not as relaxed as they are on every other day of the week. Friday on the other hand is generally the happiest day of the week particularly in an office with the moniker Friyay often being more representative of the mood. So it was that I headed to Breakwater IT on a Friyay, to not only photograph some new faces but to also produce some brand and product photography for the company.

One of the things that makes headshots easy for me is that I genuinely enjoy meeting new people and photographing them. Sounds odd I know but if you don’t enjoy people you should probably steer clear of producing headshots, as being personable is as important as your photography for producing headshot photography. We photographed a few new Breakwater faces before producing some brand shots and product shots. The products on this occasion were it based software and apps which have been made by Breakwater for such things as interoffice comms, organising hot desking and desk space allocation, to checking in to the office, and an upgradeable ‘greener’ laptop.

I’m always impressed when I arrive at Breakwater as their front door bell recognises me from several meters away, greets me and lets me in the front door via facial recognition. Add to this then being able to book yourself on-site inside the front door and organise your hot desking/desk space allocation and you’ve got tech working for you at every opportunity which is only fitting for an IT company.

We photographed apps being used on desktop and mobile phone, did some brand shots, photographed the check in, photographed a faux bit of work going on with the upgradeable laptop and more, and not only managed to include as much branding as possible but also made use of a lovely sunny day to capture a bright and colourful vibe in all the images. The last few images included Breakwater’s great marketing guru having a very Friyay jump down the last few stairs in the office, it was meant to be in the style of a chimney sweep from Mary Poppins but I’ll leave you to present your Strictly paddles with the final score on execution of the jump 🙂

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