Broadland Photographer: Holiday Property Photographer

Producing clear and clean images of holiday properties is essential to a holiday property photographer. With the restrictions on Covid 19 work and travel being eased and adhering to social distancing I was able to get out and about recently to produce new photographs for Hall Farm Cottages a lovely place to holiday in the serene Norfolk Broads.

As I’ve been producing interiors of buildings for many years now I have a tried and tested methodology that I’m constantly refining. The idea is to produce images with little or no distortion, that don’t suffer from colour castes created by interior lighting and which look clean and clear. Often wider angle images are created from multiple images of the same scene captured to record different exposures, colour etc. These images require time in post production software to compile them into a single image. Some images are made simply using the standard camera set on it’s tripod with additional lighting supplied by portable lighting doing the heavy lifting in providing the light to the scene.

I hope you like a small selection of the images produced for Hall Farm Cottages. I deliver my final images via a secure online gallery from which my clients can download the original full size files as jpeg files and resized versions of these suitable for website and social media. This makes the process of receiving and sharing you images further with professionals working on your websites and social media for you very easy.

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