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There’s no where I’m happier than the countryside surrounded by nature. Having been a park ranger and studied environmental management in my younger years it’s no surprise that I’m married to an Ecology graduate with a great career in international and domestic conservation. As a couple, and now a family we love the natural world, and are all fascinated and inspired by it.

Combining this love of the environment, with my love of creativity and with the desire to educate and expose people more to the natural world- is something I should have started doing much earlier in my life. Education, new perspectives, and realising the potential reach of the internet resources such as Youtube et al, is something that in my opinion every environmental based organisation should be concentrating upon.

During lockdown many people who wouldn’t usually take walks locally did so, many found places and connections between areas of local land they hadn’t known to exist, simply because they’d previously been in a car travelling to somewhere more distant. Buckenham Wood on the edge of our village became a place where people walked to and from regularly. Offering a brilliant view over the local Yare valley it’s a popular spot owned jointly by private owners and a local parish council.

The Buckenham Ancient Woodland Trust was established to purchase a central block of this wood from it’s private owner and to manage this woodland for both nature and visitors. The trust has already formed a robust organisation and started to raise money toward its goal, and is formed from local people.

It was a great pleasure to start working with the Trust this year on what will be at least a year long project charting the seasonal changes in the woodland and producing films to both promote the woodland and the Trust’s work. Click the link to one of the Youtube interview films about the wood at the bottom of this page.

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