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As a business and brand photographer I’m very busy visiting various companies throughout Norwich and Norfolk photographing and filming people, interiors, exteriors and new branding in situ. I work with IT companies, Insurance brokers, Building companies, Architects, Surveyors, Schools, Universities, Interior designers and more to present real and current business and brand images for social media, websites and brochures.

On a recent visit to CSSCloud’s offices in Great Yarmouth, I spent the day producing new headshots, new images of their offices, staff and branding, and a FlyThruDroneTour advertisement. It was a hectic day starting early and finishing as the office closed for the day. We started with the fly through drone tour, whereby I fly a small drone through the companies offices filming these in a smooth and entirely new perspective, it does what it says on the tin, it flies through the office like a bird and films at the same time. The next thing was some relaxed headshots. I’ve had the pleasure of supplying CSSCloud with headshots for a number of years now and this year we opted for a relaxed approach. With a white background we photographed the staff members so that their image could be removed from the background and some of the branding colours used behind them instead on producing social media posts and web content. We finally moved onto some office environment shots including the companies new branding which decorates the offices with some great bright colours and some poignant slogans for an IT based company.

Here’s a few of the photographs from the day below featuring the office branding shots, for the Fly Thru Tour head over to the website using the link above.

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