Business and Company Photographer: Norfolk

Being a business and company photographer based in Norfolk, I spend a lot of time in Norwich but also occasionally find myself making trips to Cambridge and Ipswich and further afield. This recent shoot though was on the Broadland Business park on the edge of Norwich with Breakwater IT to produce some ‘real organic’ stock images for their website and social media posts.

Real stock images of business and companies are a tonic when you’re tired of looking at websites and social media posts comprised of stock images. There’s nothing less personal and less inspired than pages of images that are not from your company and give the viewer no idea of who you actually are.

I think that there’s going to be a radical shift in how business represents itself in the near future with a concentration on the individuals and personalities that make a company work rather than faceless companies hiding behind posed models.

From the design point of view I’m absolutely sure that it probably takes less time to search for an image in your own stock images collection than it does on a stock library, and the cost of having real stock images produced is not prohibitive so what are you waiting for.

I hope you like these images of Breakwater staff members and please feel free to get in touch if you’d like to organise a session with your company or business.

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