Business headshots and environmental portraits.

LSI Architects are a firm I’ve worked with for over 10 years now. I’ve produced photographs for them in their Norwich and London offices photographing staff members in formal and relaxed settings, the directors, the office spaces and branding, the architectural models, events and of course completed projects. To put is simply I really enjoy working with them. Why, is a big question and it’s probably due to their offices being friendly, inviting and their staff happy and fulfilled.

A recent visit saw me updating older photographs of staff members, and photographing new starters giving them both the formal headshot and relaxed office setting based photographs. The photographs are utilised for many things from blogs, announcements and news to tenders and more.

One of the things that was really lovely is that knowing the company as I do, I know that the young new starters have a great future, in a great organisation ahead of them. I had lots of lovely photographs of great people from the day but here’s a small sample, look out for the official “office dog” who despite not loving being picked up generally obliged for a quick photo!

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