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Consistency, quality, someone who puts your staff at ease, someone who can come back again and mop up anyone who wasn’t available, and again come back to get the new starters in 3 months time and produce the same quality of business headshots, someone who doesn’t say that’ll do, but spends time and effort making sure the lighting is right and the client is relaxed.

It’s all part of the service, providing business headshots and environmental portraits of your key business assets. I’ve been producing headshots for over 10 years now and genuinely enjoy meeting the people I photograph. It’s the case where logging onto LinkedIn becomes great fun spotting the profile photographs you’ve produced for people and seeing them still being used years down the line even when the client has moved onto new companies.

As mentioned the photographs produced can vary from standard white background shots using controlled lighting for ease of utilisation in multiple medias, to more complicated multi headshot sessions to create gif like sequences or interactive web elements, to environmental portraits of people in the work place.

The photographs are used for tender documents and other client communications, websites, social media, blog post headings, LinkedIn profiles, press and more and are always a great piece of marketing collateral to have at your disposal.

Here’s a few screen shots from Rogers & Norton solicitors great new website to show how standard white background headshots can look.

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