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I greatly enjoy my work as a business photographer, I visit a variety of businesses to produce a multitude of photographs. A recent visit to Sitek Engineering in Norwich saw me spending half a day with them producing formal headshots, natural photographs of meetings, natural portraits of staff in their business environment and stock images that could be used as fillers for websites, reports and leaflets etc.

The photographs are intended for a new website and new marketing materials. We discussed websites during my visit and how often businesses are reliant on old website designs which are outdated in their design and functionality. New websites demand more visual stimuli than their old counterparts many of which at best display a company details and contact numbers at best. Typical requirements include headshots for “meet the team” pages so that you can have a point of reference for a contact who you may never have met in person. Stock images are also highly sought after, these in this case being real, organic stock images that befit a website and are truly representative of the business because they are images of the business.

The key for me for such shoots is always to present a business which is personable and professional and which as a result also attracts clients. Having worked with the Sitek team for only half a day, I was very happy to exemplify through my photography what a great business team they are. If you require any business photography, please feel free to get in touch for a quote.



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