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Authentic images of your real business and the people that make it what it is? Or stock images of actors, models and a glaring anonymity about who you really are and who the people are that make your business? I don’t know about you but I tend not to trust the latter of the two, I connect with real people, real substance and not with obvious stock images. That isn’t to say that stock images don’t have a place, just for me not if you’re trying to show who you are to prospective clients who you aim to have a long and productive relationship with. As a business photographer based in Norfolk but working throughout East Anglia, I always aim to create bright, clean images that are great additions to websites and social media feeds. I refer to them as organic stock images, images of real people in your organisation professionally taken.

I’ve been taking photographs for a Breakwater IT for many years now, pretty much know everyone’s name and enjoy having a catch up with them when visiting to produce more photographic content for the business. It’s the same with many of the businesses and companies I work with. On this occasion everyone’s newly back in the offices after many months at home, the office is still working with a limited number of people in at any one time and Covid guidelines and safeguards are in place. The office has a new look, new furniture and some great adjustable sitting and standing desks, which I wish I had in my own office, so it’s time for some updated images.

I work with Breakwater’s Marketing lead to hopefully provide images that can be used for both socials and website, which will allow the addition of graphics and text, and with which a client can connect. Real people doing real jobs with nice lighting and a touch of personality. Hopefully you’ll like the look of a few of the image examples below and get in touch to get some for your business.

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