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With an office between Norwich and Great Yarmouth it’s easy to get to businesses in both city and town within a short amount of time to produce photographs for our clients. One of our office, headshot, stock and business photography client in Great Yarmouth CSS Cloud invited us back to their offices recently to renew their company headshots, get some photographs of some of the teams in their office and take some general stock images that could be used on their website and social media feeds.

One of the great things about headshots is that they can be made consistent. Using studio lighting and backgrounds allows the lighting to be reproduced and managed meaning that when you have new members of staff or updated photographs to add to a website you don’t have one set of photographs looking visibly different to the next. You also use a neutral background, this not only allows you to cut out images and use them as overlays in graphics work but also means that any updates to your office or branding doesn’t affect your stock of staff images.

Once you have your headshots, it is worthwhile adding office or workplace based images of people working, teams, stock images of offices to your image collection. These do help show size and scale of your company and working environment not only to potential clients for reassurance but also as a valuable reference for potential employees.

On this shoot we shot about 20 headshots against a white background with a studio light set up before moving onto photographing teams and then some stock imagery of the office environments. The people were evidently the focus for the headshots and team shots but for the office shots we shifted the perspective literally using a specialised lens to concentrate upon the environment rather than the individuals.

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