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I made a recent visit to the Great Yarmouth base of local IT company CSS CLOUD to fulfill a number of business photography requests. The first of these was to photograph some new employees for the website team page and general office use. The second part of the assignment was to photograph a new product and spares store, examples of the company office space and a large computer workshop.

The most versatile employee photograph is usually a headshot that can be used in multiple formats from social media interaction by an employee, to website team pages and blogs attributed to specific team members to name but a few uses. White background headshots again are great as they are often easy to incorporate into designs and can be used rather like a green screen image with little photoshop expertise being needed. On this occasion I produced a three quarter image of each new starter knowing that this allows the end user to crop the image to the desired framing without fear of losing image quality: owing to the professional camera’s high resolution, the high quality file being supplied via a secure online gallery and the use of quality lighting equipment to correctly expose and light the human subject.

The lighting in offices and within most buildings particularly far from natural light usually photographs terribly due to the colours of and produced on human skin by flourescent light sources. For this reason I use compact and battery powered portable studio lights in photographing office building interiors to ensure that there’s a plentiful amount of good light and pleasing skin tones are achieved when photographing people in the offices.

Please find below a few examples of the types of photographed produced below, and if your business or company needs some additional or new photographs please feel free to get in touch.



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