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I like to build up good relationships with the businesses I work with and it’s this that means that I am asked return time and time again to update website photographs for local companies and photograph new members of staff.  Dealing with local business enables you to network and build relationships in the locality and by getting local services you’re not only supporting your local economy but you’re building bridges that repay you as personal recommendations by word of mouth. It’s this sort of philosophy that makes the Norwich and Norfolk business community a great one and supports my provision of photographic services that are personalised to the businesses with which I deal. The alternative is a world in which someone’s searching through stock photography for an image that might just serve to represent their company but will really only serve as a slightly plastic looking web page filler.

I had a great morning recently again visiting Breakwater IT a local company doing really well and expanding their own operation to a national level. My brief was to provide photographs for the company’s website and to craft some new team orientated photographs using the company’s own employees and to renew older photographs. It was a great assignment and really nice to reacquaint myself with a great team of professionals that I now know on first name terms. I can’t wait to see some of the organic photography we’ve produced on the Breakwater IT website with real employees in a real work environment giving an honest picture of a thriving local company.

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