Business Photography Press Release: Fleximize and Menta

Business Photography that I carry out varies from product photography, to headshots and portraits for websites, to website stock images and of course Press Release photography. Part of a recent day with an Ipswich based company was focussed on getting a range of photographs for a press release highlighting some collaborative work being carried out between Fleximize, an Ipswich based company, and Menta a business support company based in Bury St Edmunds.

Both the heads of these Suffolk based businesses, headed over to the Fleximize offices for some branded shots featuring the Fleximize logos and then onto the Ipswich docks area for some photographs at Aurora Bar and Restaurant which overlooks Neptune Marina for some photographs based on this familiar Ipswich area. The aim was to obtain a variety of images that could be utilised in press packs and other marketing material to advertise the collaboration. Whilst at the Aurora we also took advantage of the bar and restaurant’s stunning interior for a shot or two, simply because again it gave us a little more variety, a different setting and an interesting image.

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