Business Photography: Staff Photographer

My work as a staff photographer involves photographing employees, managers, and trustees at all levels of the companies I work for on a regular basis. Marketing and good branding dictates that good images of your company team maintains a good image of your company itself and the inclusion of good photographs on webpages and social media provides visitors with a face they might not often meet in person, and tenders a personal aspect on which to build a future business relationship.

I’m a regular visitor to Canham Consulting a consultancy based in Norwich dealing with surveying, structural and civil engineering. I update older photographs of staff members in addition to recording images of new starters, and images for press releases and other uses. It’s great to get to know faces myself and to build trusted business relationships with those I work with regularly. Canham has been expanding its operation in recent years, recruiting more people, maintaining its excellent reputation and carrying on being busy and successful. It’s been great to support them as a local business, to support each other and the local economy.

I hope you like a few photographs from a recent session with new staff members.

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