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As a business portrait photographer I enjoy meeting people and making the experience of having a business portrait or headshot enjoyable rather than a chore. I thought in this blog post I’d talk through the processes involved in producing high quality portraits for businesses and companies.

For this shoot I had a pre-shoot meeting with the Managing Director and Senior Administrator at their request prior to the shoot to discuss, where we might shoot the portraits if the weather was good and poor (it was the latter on the day), what I’d advise people wear for the shoot (we avoided patterned and pinstripes where possible and went for a mix of work wear (branded clothing worn on-site etc) and office wear) and how long each person would need, how long I’d need to set up etc.

On the day I arrived early and started setting up indoors for the shoot as the weather wasn’t playing ball. This involved setting up battery powered lighting equipment to supplement natural light from a window, add more light in shadow areas of the subjects with reflectors and to increase the light level in the background of the photographs and overpower the artificial office lights generally. I also had some help moving some items out of the background and added some colourful chairs to the scene to add an uncluttered area of colour that wouldn’t distract from the subject of the photographs which would be the staff members themselves.

All set up we started the photography and it’s always a great help having someone in charge of making people aware of when it’s there time for their photograph which was the case here. When photographing anyone formally putting them at their ease is always the priority with a good introduction, giving them instruction where to stand, making sure clothing is straightened and looking good, having a chat, and then importantly exploring how they naturally hold themselves while correcting posture slightly where needed to make them look their best. Finally still talking to engage the person standing or sitting in front of me the photographs are taken, ready for editing and delivery via an online gallery from which various qualities of image can be downloaded for various use: from website to print.

Some people don’t mind their photo being taken, some really don’t like it, some are not worried either way. With some people I have to work hard to help them relax, and with some they’re naturally possessed of a model-like ability to look relaxed and great without even thinking about it. Either way I ensure that whenever someone steps in front of my camera that I do my best to capture a good set of images of them, it’s what I’m there for.

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