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I genuinely enjoy meeting people and finding out about other businesses whether local or national. A recent business portraits session for a new local company dealing with the worldwide picture involved meeting up with Craig Wallace of Earth Systems Data. Craig is in the process of leaving academia to set up his company which deals with the earths climatic systems. As a result he needed a traditional corporate headshot or two producing in addition to some business orientated portraits.

With a business specialising in the interpretation of climate, and an agriculture system very much dependant upon the climates vagaries we thought that the advent of flowering Oil Seed Rape crops presented a timely photographic opportunity. Being careful to stand in front of and not in the crop concerned to photograph Craig with it, we produced an image with a nod to intensive agriculture which is closely linked to climate interpretation, and an image that took advantage of the bold colours of this seasonal crop to decorate webspace, social media and traditional print medium alike. We also dedicated some time to photographing Craig in his office in addition to producing headshots for the different markets that Craig will engage with from corporate to social.

Producing portraits of this type requires attention to the end use of the images. For this reason images were created in both Portrait and Landscape orientation to allow them to be utilised in both web designs which often feature wide banner photographs and social media avatars or profile pictures that are often either a square or almost square portrait orientated rectangle. I am also always mindful of producing an image that can be cropped into for the specific dimensions required of a web design. In addition to this the headshots produced during this session were produced on a seamless white background. A seamless white background allows the headshots to be easily integrated into web designs, easily cut out without colour fringing by web designers for overlaying on web designs, looks professional and avoids distraction to the viewer on such social media applications as LinkedIn and finally enables me to use a contrasty light source so that a black and white conversion of the image for rollover features in web design and the like still produces a strong image that isn’t washed out.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed reading the blog post and that it’s given you food for thought, I also hope you like the business portraits produced for Craig at Earth Systems Data shown below.

norwich professional business portraitsnorwich professional business portraitsnorwich professional business portraitsnorwich professional business portraitsnorwich professional business portraitsnorwich professional business portraitsnorwich professional business portraits

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