Business Portraits and Headshot Photographer

I genuinely enjoy photographing people and making them feel at ease in front of the camera and I hope that this reflects in the images and experience of those I photograph. I’ve produced business portraits and am a headshot photographer for large, medium and small companies and professional individuals, including Marketing teams, Architects, IT professionals, Academic Doctors and Professors, Joiners, Building Surveyors and more. It’s always great fun, I always respect the people I photograph and help those don’t enjoy being in front of the camera to have a positive experience. I’m often asked to produce images for marketing packs, new web designs or just to keep staff images up to date.

Business portraits are often produced in the work place using small portable flash units to create pleasing lighting and can feature whole teams, small groups or individuals. These are usually a more relaxed photograph in addition to, or as an alternative to headshots that provide the viewer with an idea of the workspace and personality of the person pictured. Business portraits are perfect for marketing material, website headers and brochures.

Head shots are normally produced with a plain background to minimise distraction and are lit by studio flash units to create the correct lighting for a clean, well lit and professional image. Headshots can usually be produced in a small room and are great for social media applications, websites and more where a very professional image is required.

For a few examples of the range of business portraits and head shots that I produce please have a look at the posts below.

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