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In modern business networking is a key feature not to be neglected whether you represent a large business or a self-employed individual. The first thing a new potential client will often do, particularly when approached by a new business or professional is make sure they’re bonafide, reliable and generally they’ll do a quick search to try and find out who you are and what you do, and how you do it. This is particularly important at networking events and the like, and makes it clear why you should have a strong presence on social media and good business portraits.

What does social media tell us, well it tells us who you know, who you’ve worked with, a little about you, can have examples of your work, a C.V. etc etc. It also can tell us how professional you are, how much care you take over how you represent yourself and more. As a small business owner myself, I spend time on social media and when I’m looking for connections I’m afraid I do take particular interest as a photographer in what type of photograph an individual has put on their profile page. There’s a wide range of photographs from cropped photographs of nights out, photographs with family members and your children, photographs from holidays with impressive scenery, even body building photographs on some occasions. These photographs can be put in juxtaposition with the deliberately posed at work shots that haven’t quite used a natural light but at least show willing, head shots done a little too quickly without too much care, candid office portraits of a person working, and finally professional and considered business portraits usually so it happens of people at the top of their game!

I’m in the business of producing business portraits that portray professionalism allied with personality. To do this I don’t rush my headshot and environmental business portrait sessions as the old adage “if it’s worth doing it’s worth doing well” is all too important. Instead I take a bit of time to get to know the person I’m photographing, allow them to relax, allow them to smile and look natural. The way I look at it is this, if I want to look at a good photograph of someone, it’s got to show not only a photograph of them but also a bit of their personality as it’s this that people really connect with, before they pick up the phone, type a single word of an email, or decide whether they want to connect with you.

Here’s a few examples from a recent business portrait session, hopefully you’ll see a bit of personality and a professional demeanour in these portraits.PROFESSIONAL HEAD SHOT PHOTOGRAPHYPROFESSIONAL HEAD SHOT PHOTOGRAPHYPROFESSIONAL HEAD SHOT PHOTOGRAPHY

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