Business tour film: fly through drone tour Norwich.

What better way to introduce a company than a short 30 second business tour film clip that’s unique enough to get you noticed, whilst not asking too much of your audience’s attention span. On this occasion we were at Archive Vault on the edge of Norwich to not only film drone footage (under our Fly Thru Drone Tour brand) but also produce film clips and photographs of their staff and facility. When all the staff members were in and other work had been completed we broke out the fpv drone and planned some quick advertorial films for the company based on showing clients their set up and premises, with their staff working therein at some normal activities in the document storage facility. 

The exterior footage on this occasion was shot with a standard dji drone. For the more knowledgeable ref aviation rules in the UK we were flying just beyond the edge of a busy FRZ serving Norwich airport and had to work in a small window of time,and in communication with the Air Traffic Control tower at the airport to fly safely: with multiple flights inbound to the airport. Add to this a persistent and anti-social local gull community and you’ve got good reason not to hang around outside! 

The interior footage was shot with a small sub 250 g drone, legal to fly around people and with guarded propellors to prevent injury, this was the ideal choice of equipment especially when combined with a ‘naked’ (stripped down) Gopro Hero 11 camera, which not only films in high quality but also at high frame rates ideal for slowing down footage if you need to. 

To produce the interior footage we choreographed the activity of the staff and their movement and produced several short films for advertising the company. If we’d had longer we might have improved some of the choreography timings wise but are happy with the results. 

The short film was placed on the front page of the Archive-Vault website as below and can be seen in its entirety there or on our Fly Thru Drone Tours Youtube channel link below.

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