Community Biodiversity Awards: Event Photography Norwich Castle Museum.

I’ve been very lucky recently to not only have lots of event photography work but to also have genuinely interesting events to attend with great speakers, and in this case great wildlife loving guests of honour and award winners. The Event Photography at this event included reportage photographs of the guests mixing and socialising, speakers presenting great speeches and lots of great awards being given to particularly deserving people.

What made this award special was that the awards were being given to people who had volunteered their time to help increase and protect the biodiversity of Norfolks habitats. The Awards were supported and sponsored by numerous organisations including the Wildlife Trust, and National Trust to name but a few. Guest speakers included a previous recipient of such an award, Kate Blincoe, who is a regular newspaper column writer regarding the natural world, as well as a published writer of books aimed to help us all be ‘greener’ in our day to day lives. In addition, Wildlife Ranger and television presenter Ajay Tegala also spoke to the assembled audience about his passion for wildlife and the importance of volunteers.

The awards featured groups and people who had done such interesting work as removing invasive species from critical habitats, to personally surveying roadside verges for years, to helping to protect vulnerable bat species. It’s not only a pleasure to know such people exist, but heartening to know that they continue their work voluntarily.

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