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We’re quite lucky to have lots of experience in various capacities as content creators, and imagery makers using a variety of gear and good experience in a number of fields. This includes proven experience in producing high quality headshots, lots of time spent producing company branding images and time as both videographer and specialist drone pilots. We used all these skills on a recent full day shoot for Archive-Vault in Norwich.

We started as it was due to be a particularly hot early Sept day with headshots, this was so that the team we were photographing were at their most presentable in what would be a hot day. As a side note experience has taught us that keeping your client nice and cool whilst taking their headshots cuts down on redness in the face, shiny skin and other things you’d rather avoid in your professional headshot. We then moved onto producing branding stock photographs, team shots, and film clips. This was simply a case of making hay whilst the sun shines. If you want to show off your company’s work in photographs then usually it’s a good time to also record film at the same time.

In the later afternoon we moved onto drone work. Based on the edge of Norwich’s Flight restriction zone around the airport we contacted the local Air Traffic Control before conducting a limited exterior drone flight of the company premises to introduce this before then moving onto doing some interior specialist drone work which involves flying through the premises and close to employees. The interior drone flight specialism uses small, very lightweight drones with enclosed propellors that are safe to fly around people, the drones themselves carrying state of the art small cinema cameras to record high quality film.

We had a great time making the images, and I had a blast with the team at Archive-Vault, I hope you like a small selection of the images produced as shown below.

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