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Fostering a great relationship with the businesses and companies with which I work is high on my list of priorities and leads to repeated visits to some great workplaces none more so than LSI Architects in Norwich. I’ve been working with the company for a number of years and was privileged to revisit them recently to photograph new staff members, update photographs of the company’s partners, and produce some organic stock images for the company including images of their employees to utilise on their website and other publications.

When I produce photographs for larger companies I often work with marketing managers and LSI’s marketing manager was keen to avoid mocked-up stock images and replace this with natural shots of the Architects and technicians who work for the firm interacting naturally. To achieve this I was asked to photograph presentations about projects presently being worked upon by employees to their peers. This technique was very effective in producing the requested natural portraits.

For the photographs of the business partners, an informal approach was requested. I’ve photographed many of the partners before so this helped engender a relaxed atmosphere and hopefully the envisioned approachable and professional aspect was  achieved with a clean and branded addition leant to the shoot by meeting rooms and the company’s reception area.

The other stock images produced included images of the visualisation devices used by a modern architectural firm, including virtual reality viewing devices, 3-d displays that can be manipulated, and traditional but no-less effective traditional architectural models.

Spending a day with the company also allowed me to produce formal and casual environmental portraits of new employees, and informal shots of employees enjoying the offices new kitchen facility.

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