Company Profile Films: M&A Partners, Norwich

A new venture in my work with local companies has been producing short company profile films. I recently completed a project for local Accountancy, Payroll and Financial services firm M&A Partners who are a company based at the cathedral close in Norwich, with offices throughout Norfolk.

The project involved the production of three films to be used by the company including primarily a company profile film detailing the extent of the company in terms of staff, history and offices around the region and the services the company can provide to their clients.

The ideas for the film were developed with the M&A team including their marketing manager and quickly it was decided that stock footage could be utilised across all three films, with an interview element being prevalent in two films and an audio overdub being important to the client facing company profile film.

I proceeded to work with the company to gather what we call the b-roll footage relevant to the films. This involved filming the various offices belonging to the company in Attleborough, Norwich and Cromer and staff therein in addition to local landmarks, relevant industry serviced by the company and branded stock footage. I filmed meetings, chats, training sessions, tea being made, rooms full of people working and even stationary to give the films relevant cut aways.

This footage was then compiled into a storyboard which ran alongside audio content to form the main client facing film below. Have a look, I hope you like it, and if you have any short film or social media shorts required for your company drop me a line. The screen shot below shows the embedded film on M+A Partners About Us page on their website.

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