Conference Photography

The BioScience Doctoral Training Partnership programme based at the John Innes’ Centre on the Norwich Research Park runs an annual conference  for its PhD Students so they can get together to present their work to their peers and receive lectures from leading scientists in their fields. The mix of lectures, discussions, group work, presentation work and its social aspect make for great conference photography and what can only be an important annual event for the students.

From my point of view as a photographer in covering such events I always have to pay attention not only to the subjects of my photographs but also to the topic under discussion. This not only keeps me engaged but also enables me to predict audience reactions and be ready to capture the vivacity of the moment. I’ve covered the DTP conference for a couple of years now, and can say that the topics covered are fascinating and the attitude of the PhD students encouraging with regard to utilising science to solve world problems.

A particularly interesting addition to this year’s conference with regard to photographic opportunities was the “Crunchy Critters” buffet. Not for the squeamish this buffet tested the attendees attitudes toward insects as food.  With insects widely mooted as a potential future source of sustainable protein it was interesting to see how the very future scientists who will combat such issues addressed the immediacy of the rather unusual snack selection.

Again a great opportunity for me to photograph an inspiring conference and to enjoy the subjects and discussion to boot.

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