Corporate Head shots and relaxed environmental portraits.

I’m often asked to produce both formal corporate head shots and environmental portraits. My job is about putting people at ease in front of camera and I’ll tell you straight that the corporate head shot is usually the more intimidating of the two shots for the director, administrator or field worker. But then it’s also often the easiest to use for a social media profile, blogs or design work. The environmental portrait on the other hand often allows for more opportunities for the subject of the photograph to relax, act naturally, use a prop or simply prop themselves up. It’s great for giving a rounded image of a workplace, people, service in a world that can be pretty two dimensional with the plethora of stock images and graphics used in social media and web design.

Breakwater IT have been breaking the corporate headshot mould for many years now. Their staff are constantly engaged with clients, their people page is interactive, and fun, doesn’t take itself too seriously but doesn’t undermine their professionalism in the IT industry. A shoot with Breakwater can be environmental portraits, shots for press releases and their take on corporate head shots, which I’ve seen admired first hand at other client’s offices on more than one occasion. I produce about 9-10 images of each staff member that allows their staff page to interactively track a users mouse movements around their page, and then also gives them a not so serious staff portrait in addition to the personable and professional images thereon. Don’t take my word for it, navigate to their page using the link above. Here’s a few recents from a great team.

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