Corporate talking heads films: One Broker Insurance

The insurance industry has long been an impersonal place: I claimed on my car insurance for a newly cracked windscreen today and the process was all online. One Broker though are changing this for those of us who need a more detailed, specialist insurance, either as a landlord, haulier, motorbike dealership, private ambulance provider or others. Producing talking heads films for One Broker recently with Lucy Mowatt from Method Marketing I learned all there is to know about Landlord and Haulier Insurance from two specialists who deal with such policies daily. It’s always a pleasure to learn whilst going about my work and if you too would like to learn more I’d highly recommend not only watching the films below but also getting in touch with Rob or Ian for a chat.

These films were produced in the offices at One Broker in Norwich and took about an hour each to film after careful set up, pre-production script work by Method Marketing and One Broker and of course compliance checks.

Not only do the films put a human face to your specialist insurance policy but also reassure you that you’re dealing with a professional and experienced insurance company who are able to give you the best advice to make sure that your insurance policy is correct and will work in the event of a claim.

If you are interested in talking heads films or using this type of film as a part of a larger film project then please get in touch?

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