Crossfit Spitfire-Crossfit photography Norwich.

Transforming spaces, creating colour, drama and producing contrast filled images was my goal for this shoot with some of the members of CrossFit Spitfire Norwich. It was a busy night at the popular Crossfit box, so we used a small area to produce some images of crossfit photography.

Most large interior spaces are often lit by fluorescent lighting in various guises. Fluorescent lighting when photographed has a particularly yellow and green hue often evident in photographs of venues and people therein. For this reason I planned to produce low key photographs using my own portable lighting to create dramatic light and completely remove the actual lighting of the venue from the images. The images below are taken without turning off the lights inside the building, classes were running behind us in the same large space so other crossfit athletes needed to see what they were doing.

Five lights were used for the shoot ranging from portable studio flash units which are really quick to set up to small flashes usually found on top of cameras: on this occasion being used remotely in the room. The lights were gelled with coloured gels to produce some dramatic colouration and various modifiers were added to contain the light produced and soften it were needed.

I was keen to light the athlete’s, their equipment, their expressions and the space in which they work out in addition to highlighting the Crossfit Spitfire branding. Each element was lit in turn, with shots being planned prior to the shoot and then executed in a small amount of time the whole shoot lasting no more than an hour. Several different lenses were used during the shoot, a standard professional zoom lens for the more distant images and a wide angle professional zoom lens for the close ups that were designed to highlight the person within the space from more dramatic angles.

My aim with all these assignments is not to produce standard images but to inject a little drama or interest into sports related images to promote sports and activities, to engage people’s imagination. I hope you like the images, if you need any images for your gym, crossfit box, etc then please get in touch. Big thanks to the participants and Crossfit Spitfire for this shoot.

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