Designer Kitchen photographer: East Anglia

Photographing interiors is always a great photographic challenge particularly as our eyes actually see a very different image to that of a camera. Each time our eyes move they refocus, readjust the exposure of a scene, take into account colour castes and compensate in so many different ways as to be mind bogglingly complex. A camera relies on it’s lens, it’s capabilities and most of all it’s operator; on the equipment they can utilise from a sturdy tripod to a computer programme, to a flash unit, to a remote cord, to a screen calibrator to their knowledge.

I’ve been a kitchen photographer and interiors photographer for at least 6 years now and over that period my techniques for photographing interiors have changed as has my equipment. I’m getting to see beautifully designed real kitchens and it’s great fun producing images that do all the hours of work designing, fabricating, installing and making choices, justice.

The images I produce market company’s work, help sell a dream and keep talented workers’ work on display for all to see. It’s a privilege, great to be welcomed into people’s homes to photograph their dream kitchens and generally really nice work to do. I hope to keep and photographing more and more kitchens and interiors, I’m growing to love them more and more with each assignment I complete.

If you have some interiors or kitchens you need photographing then please get in touch. The kitchens below are product of the Anglia Kitchens and Bedrooms team, get in touch with them if you like the look of the kitchens.



designer kitchen photography east anglia

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