Designer Kitchen Photographer

I’ve been photographing kitchens for quite a few years now for quite a few different local kitchen design companies. However these are not kitchens made on a set as in a manufacturers brochure but are instead real kitchens, belonging to real people, in real houses of all different designs and styles. As a designer kitchen photographer then I am quite literally recording a portfolio of kitchen design companies works for their brochures, websites and social media presence.

There are challenges to photographing real kitchens, you have a short amount of time when the homeowner is available, you have to photograph the kitchen with very portable lighting and have to live with weather conditions and the different feature lighting in the kitchen itself. Each finished photograph of a real kitchen can be made of anything from one to nine or so different images carefully combined in post production. The images themselves can use natural light entering the kitchen, a single set of kitchen lights, the hob light, portable flash light held up by myself and/or a combination of these.

When photographing the kitchens, careful attention is paid to making sure that the cabinetry is rendered correctly and that vertical lines run straight and are not distorted by wide lens angles etc. Then there’s reproducing the colours used in the design as faithfully as possible, which is aided by using grey cards and making sure that the white balance of the image is as spot on as it can be given the inclusion of all the light sources present.

Mulberry Kitchens produce some of the great designs I get to photograph from their Norwich and Beccles studios, have a look at some of their work as photographed in Norfolk and Suffolk by myself below.

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