Drone film sister site: Fly Thru Drone Tours

During lock down, in addition to our photography work and general film work we also started a specific fpv drone related website to feature our specialist first person view drone work. This drone work is all about immersive flying experiences via films created with specialised drones.

Check out the latest post about our end of year show reel film with the below.

“It’s always good to review work that you’ve completed in the last year or so and cinematographers generally do this with a show reel film highlighting the work they’ve been involved with or in producing. The show reel film below includes quite a lot of snippets of fly through drone work completed in 2022 and some from 2021. Have a look at the latest show reel of cinematic fpv drone work by clicking on the YouTube link below. 

We’ve flown offices, museums, farms, leisure facilities, Christmas light displays, new building projects, marquees, show ground fair rides, village halls, golf ranges and courses, woodlands, tent displays and garden centres, holiday apartments and cottages, barber shops, and factories, and are always interested in hearing about new opportunities. Get in touch if you’d like a new type of film producing for your project. “

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