Drone Virtual Property Tours

Drone virtual property tours that include the interior and exterior of properties and buildings in a film without cutting the footage are a relatively new thing. The appeal is in the fact that they’re “one take” there’s no transition between an exterior shot and then footage from the interior of a building, the camera flies from the exterior to the interior and then around and then out again mounted on a small drone. The camera can squeeze through a window, through a door and then fly above a garden like a bird. The viewer as a result gets a flight through a property, gets to see the exterior, and interior in one seamless bit of footage and has a virtual flight in the process.

What’s different between this type of drone footage and traditional drone footage. Well you can’t fly a traditional drone through a building like this without probably making a great deal of mess. The FPV cinewhoop drones used for this footage are flown in the first person, not by watching them but by using a camera on them to fly them like a true pilot at a set of controls. The FPV drone operator wears a headset that allows them to see through a camera mounted at the front of the drone, and whilst they fly, a cinematic camera also mounted on the drone records the flight. The drone used to create this film was less than 6 inches square, less than 250 grams in weight including it’s battery and camera and has propellors that are protected by a frame which allows it to bump off things without damaging or destroying them. In this film the drone flies through a front door, over a sofa, around bedrooms, over a hot tub, and around a bottle of Rose and wine glasses on an outdoor table before heading up to show the viewer the local landscape.

What it creates are short film pieces that are ideal for introducing people to places and spaces and often just about the right length to retain an audience’s attention: who in taking the flight get to experience your space or place in the first person in a captivating way. Get in touch if you have a property, a new building, project or space you’d like filming?

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