East Anglian Business photographer: Fleximize, Ipswich

Based near Norwich I traditionally serve the Norfolk area but increasingly I’m being asked to carry out shoots in the whole of the east of England. As an East Anglian Business Photographer I recently travelled to Ipswich to spend the day with Ipswich based company Fleximize to produce a variety of photographs for them from relaxed staff portraits which would double as headshots, to large team group shots and marketing shots of their Managing Director with a fellow business leader.

Getting to the Fleximize offices early and having asked for a room to use to produce the staff portraits I quickly set up my portable lighting. Lighting is important in producing good photographs in the office environment as unfortunately, modern office lighting isn’t conducive to good natural portraits and natural light from windows isn’t always available. or suitable. I like to listen to what my client wants from a session and in this case Fleximize were interested in relaxed staff images which were cropped wider than a traditionally tightly cropped headshot. Although the tightly cropped headshot is becoming the mainstay of social media avatars or images, it was nice to shoot a wider crop for a relaxed, pose that meant that the staff members looked approachable and friendly. Utilising a camera with a particularly detailed file, meant that although I was taking these wide shots the company could easily crop the images produced and not loose file quality and image detail.

To this brief I added the provision of three poses for each staff member. Offering different poses, fulfilled the brief for relaxed shots but also gave a choice of image(s) to use and allowed for people’s preferences. I’ve often found that different poses, i.e.: sat down, stood up, sitting on edge of desk, can suit people in different ways: simply put some people are more comfortable and hence look more relaxed, approachable and affable sat on the edge of a desk than they do stood up. These poses could be offered quickly and in the same office space provided which was great as Fleximize have quite a large staff onsite.

Also planned into the day was a group photograph. When a business grows in number of staff or naturally turns over staff then it’s great to have regular updates to staff shots. On this occasion the company’s marketing guru had done a splendid job of securing an indoor location big enough to photograph the company’s 40 odd staff members. Based near the waterside in Ipswich, we headed down to a local cafe Cult Cafe Bar who were wonderfully obliging and very lovely people. We then also tried an outdoor image using the marina area as a backdrop, unfortunately the January weather conspired against our plans and we had to retreat after some hasty images back to the calm of the company’s offices.

After all the staff portraits and group shots were completed I then headed on to produce some marketing based images of the company Managing Director again providing a variety of shots, utilising staff members, branding, posed, unposed images and then also produced some images for a joint venture between Fleximize and Menta which will be covered in a second blog post.





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