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This was a cold assignment producing editorial farming business photography for Mortons Traditional Taste. I arrived at Mortons farm in the heart of Norfolk in sweltering conditions on a summer’s evening only to then enter a Himalayan Salt Chamber, which is a cold room/ freezer lined with blocks of Himalayan Salt. My warm coat was on, my equipment cold to the touch, it was quite a contrast to the conditions outdoors which were well on their way to producing a thunderstorm as the air was heavy and warm.

Mortons produce both free-range Chickens and Turkeys, the way that I as a former keeper of poultry from a young age like to see, outdoors and roaming free, with indoor space for when the weather turns bad. The Himalayan Salt Chamber is a new innovation said to have the following affect ” it dry-ages the meat in a new and distinctive way. Flavours and aromas are brought to the fore”, it certainly sounds good but for the photographs was particularly cold to work in.

The assignment was to produce editorial photographs of the Salt Block chamber for magazine adverts, brochure and web use. I placed some flashes behind a wall of the Himalayan Salt Blocks to show off their beauty as they really are something to behold being semi-transparent and the most gorgeous range of orange and pink and brown in colour. We then also wanted to illustrate how both Chickens and Turkeys were hung to dry cure next to the blocks to produce a distinct flavour to the poultry’s meat. As it was summer, only chickens were available so these large free-range birds were displayed for the purpose of the photographs.

I’m always interested in food production, I like to see it for myself and being based in Norfolk am always interested in the farming methods used in the county. If you need any editorial photographs of your food production then please get in touch?

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