Farming Photography and Film: Norfolk

Norfolk is a farming homeland and I’m very lucky to have worked with a number of local farmers in helping promote their activities including beef and poultry production. Having bred chickens and made my first money by selling eggs I’ve always eschewed intensively farmed products in favour of locally produced non-intensive produce whether that be in the vegetables or meat that I buy. This is simply because of a better standard of raising animals and plants, produces a healthier product that’s also better for the environment particularly when it’s locally sourced. We’re very lucky in Norfolk to have numerous brilliant farm shops providing all the vegetables and meat you need from local farms. However, if you live further afield (forgive the pun) then having produce mailed directly to you particularly in bulk is probably the next best thing.

On this occasion I was asked to produce imagery both photography and film for marketing direct sales of beef products from the farmer to the customer. Part of producing this imagery is showing the rare breed Red Poll cows in their farm habitat to show the pastures where they live for a majority of their lives. Another is showing the boxes used to sell the beef from the farm direct to the customers home. Interestingly, these are packed with wool as an insulator of the frozen beef products. This is an enterprising use of what very sadly has become almost a waste product despite its brilliant properties and environmentally friendly nature with regard to naturally decomposing.

The Foxburrow Farm Shop Facebook page and Instagram account are now live, and I’m sure the website will soon be going live. Check out the pages and follow the story of what will no doubt be another great addition to Norfolk’s offering of high quality producers supplying customers directly.

If you’d like some imagery for your farm, or farming enterprise then please get in touch, I’m always thrilled to be able to support local farming by providing imagery.

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