Farming Short Films and Photography: East Anglia

I’ve a great belief in British Farming and food production that stems from my extended families’ involvement in various farming practices. If you’ve ever worked on a farm even for a short time it gives you a quick insight into the way of life of a farmer, the dedication, the complete commitment and the belief in good products.

Covid 19 has boosted the farm shop takings as more people shop locally, further increased the public’s interest in their food’s production and the environmental factors surrounding this, and furthered a growing direct connection between producers and consumers. I personally am a great advocate of local food, and debunking some of propaganda that surrounds and tries to influence our food buying choices in an era in which consumer rarely sees who or where their food is produced. I believe that we have a strong agricultural community but do think that to combat the long term aims of multinationals, that our farmers need to come out of their corner to educate the buying public as to the quality on offer on their doorstep.

I’m hoping to get more involved with the marketing of local produce via producing short films and photography for local farmers in the East Anglia area to help them in marketing their products and their commitment. Earlier this year I filmed a short film for a local farmer’s Spring-Barley harvest. Hopefully it explains a little bit about the Spring Barley Harvest and where this valuable product goes and is used. Have a quick look here, and get in touch if you’d like to work on a project together?

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