Food Photography

Food photography appeals to me in many different ways not least in the fact that the older I get the more enamoured with food I seem to be becoming. However, in all seriousness Norfolk and Suffolk are awash with very fine dining establishments, a great cafe culture and we take food very seriously. Editorial food photography and fine dining menu photography are both photographic areas in which I’ve got a keen interest as too is simply producing images of food and drink for great local businesses.

Food photography formed part of the editorial work I completed to make up a book based on Green Parenting which was published last year. The subjects included healthy, fresh and homemade foods and I think I got the bug there and then with regard to producing images that sell the food and experience. Unfortunately a quick look at the social media feeds and even websites of some great eateries reveals images of food taken as quick mobile phone shots often taken by members of the public! My advice and proposal to local food based businesses would be to obtain a small library of great quality images that don’t understate and under-sell your products. Half a day produces quite a few images and is relatively cost effective, giving you images for Instagram, Facebook, your website, menu and advertorials that aren’t below par.

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