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The DJI Mavic series of drones I fly have teamed up with my FPV drones to start producing some short advert films for Mortons Event Hire Mortons hire out a range of Marquees for Weddings, Corporate hospitality and more in Norfolk and asked if I could produce some short adverts for them of their marquees in situ ahead of hosting weddings and functions. 

Here’s the latest advert produced for the company. It’s designed to be a short sub 1 minute film for social media and for hosting on Youtube as a portfolio of the company’s work. There’s typical set up shots and shots of the location of the marquee produced to show it from the exterior, and then a more dynamic bit of fly through footage with an FPV drone to give the viewer an idea of the light and space inside the marquee. 

On this occasion I employed two very lightweight drones, the Mavic Mini 2 and the 95x v3 from BetaFpv. These can be both flown legally close to and around people with the Mavic being used for external footage and the 95x being used for the footage of the interior. The 95x sounds a bit like a swarm of bees in flight but has it’s propellors surrounded by what are called propellor guards. This means that if it does knock into anything then the propellors do not come into contact with the object in question. The 95x flies a sinuous FPV style path piloted in the first person via an onboard camera which is just for the pilot to view the flight path with a second camera filming the footage produced. The Mavic 2 is very stable and has a gimballed camera for slow cinematic set up shots, being piloted by a mobile phone/iPad and controller combination and what we call line of sight (looking at it’s position in the air). Both drones weigh in at less than 250 grammes (the weight of a hamster) which means that they pose significantly less risk to bystanders than heavier drones, the CAA’s rules regarding drones taking this into account with regard to where and when they can be flown. 

The FPV drone in this instance takes the would be client of Mortons Event Hire from the usual drone view of the exterior to a short trip through the interior. In that small piece of internal footage the client can gain a great deal in a short amount of time. They can see how light the interior of this type of marquee is, how spacious ( both in regard to the number of tables and layout of the marquee and the large roof height internally) and they can also get a valuable look as to how the whole begins to look for an event such as a wedding. As an example on a hot day the clear sides of this marquee are rolled up as in this footage. 

This film was delivered in 4k resolution to the client and once the marquee was in a state of readiness took about 40 minutes to film, working around the marquees preparation for a wedding later the same day. To learn more about my drone and fpv drone filming work have a look at my brand site here:

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