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Amaretto delicatessen in Norwich has got to be one of the finest purveyors of food to the high street in this great city. Everyday, beautiful tasty hot dishes are prepared from soups to linguine, pizza to chilli con carne. These hot dishes only add to the selection of food to which a hungry pedestrian walking up or down St George’s street is exposed. There’s freshly made sandwiches, sausage rolls, samosas not to mention a plethora of cakes and to accompany these fresh coffee!

For those of us, who also want to take some great ingredients home to cook with the delicatessen also stocks, pastas, cheeses, salami, fresh vegetables and bread and of course olives. At Christmas time a mountain of Panettone appears, and the most delicious chocolate and orange cantuccini you’ll ever dip in your coffee, it’s well worth a visit.

I visited recently to photograph some of Amaretto’s fresh take-away food and some of their stock of fine Italian pasta. It’s hoped that the images will be used on social media to advertise the fresh daily dishes served and that these can also be used on a revamp of the deli’s website.

All the photography was produced in quite a small space on the 1st floor of the establishment beside a window overlooking St George’s Street and St Andrews Hall. The size of space I could use being quite small and without beautiful backgrounds meant that the images needed to be tightly framed. I utilised a quite plain white background and improvised worn wood background for the session, with the latter worn wood background being assembled from blocks used to prop up food display trays in the deli. The idea of the session was to give the potential customer a good idea of the authenticity and fresh nature of the food they can buy at the delicatessen and to give them examples of the food and drink being consumed.

For the freshly produced dishes, I interrupted their progress from oven to being served in the deli downstairs for only a matter of seconds. Having prepared a space on which the dish could sit it was then briefly photographed before being whisked onward to lucky customers: quick photographs of large dishes. With the smaller items such as the sandwiches, cake and other produce I had a few minutes with each to set some interest in the frame and compose the frame with the camera mounted on a tripod for a more precise composition at a slower pace. I was helped with extra ingredient based props by the chefs of the establishment and gathered some other props in keeping to the feel of the produce prior to the shoot. I hope you think that the images produced sell the food and the experience of eating food from what is a great delicatessen.

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