Golf Sports Advertising Photography

A previous photographic shoot at Norfolk Premier Golf using a stroboscopic flash technique to capture the action of golf swings has proven popular amongst sports fans, art buyers and photographers alike with images being considered for use with golfing facilities around the world.

The interest was such that I revisited the idea recently using different flash equipment and adding to the original technique employed, to add further interest to the latest images produced again at Norfolk Premier Golf.

Stroboscopic flash techniques aren’t easy to utilise in advertising photography and require considerable set up times and equipment but the result I hope you agree is unique and provides great imagery that explores human movement on this occasion again, in the sport of golf.

Analysis of golf swings from the use of putters to drivers are now commonplace when it comes to buying clubs and looking to improve your game. However the artistry of capturing the movement involved is useful to advertisers in both golf related marketing and for other sporting related goods.

Technical photography always has a high price in terms of time and set up but thankfully yields unique images, that capture not only imagination but also attention. If you have an action sport or brand then please get in touch to discuss making some images.

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