Head shot Photography and Workplace based Portraits for Social Media and web designs.

Head shot photography is extremely important to create a professional looking profile on social media and business listings and of course for providing extra relevant content to websites and blogs “about me” sections. Combine head shots with some workplace based portraits and you reap the benefits of having lots of photographs that you can utilise in lots of different ways from press releases, to listings, and of course again for your main website banner content.

Earlier this year I was approached by a young and talented local radio DJ and blogger to provide both types of photography, the workplace work taking place at Future Radio in Norwich. With web design to complete for personal profile and head shots needed for social media networking we managed to fulfil the requirements with two short sessions.  The first session involved using a vacant studio at the radio station to show my client in his workplace doing the work he loves, this was followed by a head shot session using a white background to provide both a neutral background colour for profile images. Utilising a white background on this occasion meant that the headshot images could be further utilised for design work and can be easily manipulated without the need for too much editing. The head shot session also took account of my clients need to be photographed seated due to medical conditions that meant that he has difficulty standing for long periods of time.

All in all it was great working with a young man with lots of potential in his field. A big part of head shot photography and work based portraits is making sure that photographs show natural expressions and are produced in a relaxed atmosphere conducive with producing images that reflect the clients true personality. If you need some head shot photography and/or work place based images please get in touch.



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