Headshot & Team Photography Norwich: “Zing Insights” Norfolk

New websites often require new photography both of individual staff members and teams to match the new web design. After all a fresh web design require fresh images and in addition to the staff images it’s also a great idea to have some environmental photographs of your company’s activities or HQ to provide you with interesting web content. Images entertain the viewers eye and not only keep a viewer of your website interested but also provide great branding potential and convey lots of information much more quickly than the written word.

A recent assignment saw me travelling to Zing Insights HQ just south of Norwich. Zing Insights provide qualitative and quantative research and analysis to both local and national companies and the company is run by a great team. It was a pleasure to take a portable studio set-up out to the company office to photograph the team members for their new website. Prior to the shoot itself I’d met with the Zing team to discuss the requirements of their shoot, study their web design and come up with a solution to produce the photographs the company needed. Once on the ground with my photographic gear a quick set-up and an hour or so of photography of both the individuals and everyone as a team got the photographs in the bag.

The photographs were delivered to Zing using a download link tailored to provide them with original full sized files for printing and optimised files for use on their website, the download link was also made accessible to their web designer to facilitate a quick web build in time for the New Year. Check out Zing’s website here: Zing


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