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Environmental portraits in offices and workspaces, group photographs, headshots and natural stock images of staff members working all fall under the remit of a headshot photographer covering East Anglia.

Although based in the Norwich area, I often travel to Ipswich and Cambridge to fulfil assignments with this visit to Fleximize taking me to the Ipswich docks and university area of the city.

On this occasion we were taking environmental portraits and group photographs of the Fleximize staff. Fleximize have quite a lot of teams specialising in various parts of their business and getting fresh shots of the team is always great fun.

I used a portable lighting set up to produce images in a meeting room on this occasion to allow the main function of the offices to go on without being disturbed. When taking photographs of staff members it’s always advantageous to have a private area to photograph them as many people surveyed who don’t enjoy having their photograph taken do so even less when colleagues are in the same space.

I work hard at making sure the people I’m photographing can relax as much as possible in front of the camera and usually an average of about 5 minutes per person allows me to achieve the best relaxed and professional photographs.

These photographs are cropped versions of the originals and are designed to be cropped by the company as per their present web design to a head and shoulders traditional headshot aspect. Modern digital cameras have enough resolution to allow radical cropping and for this reason delivering wider images can give you the opportunity to use wider cropped images for social media and other website use other than just a “meet the team” page.

When supplying images I will often supply copies in black and white in addition to the colour versions. This again enables a company or business to utilise both versions in web design features such as having ‘roll overs’ on the webpage design where a cursor movement will highlight a team member in colour or black and white when the cursor is on their image.

Headshot photography isn’t as simple as lining personnel up in front of a camera and getting a semi-skilled photographer to work out of their comfort zone photographing team mates! If you’d like to talk about how we could help your business achieve a professional brand with great photographs please get in touch.

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