Headshot Photographer: Norwich IT Business.

One of the problems with having new staff members in a customer facing/consulting role is that you need headshot photographs of them to anchor your customer to a name and face when they’re entrusting you with their business. This is fine but for the fact that your photographs have to be consistent not only in the way they’re taken but in the colours of the photographs and their poses etc so that the older images of staff don’t clash with those of your new members. I’ve been photographing staff members at Norwich IT company Breakwater IT now for a number of years and it’s always a pleasure to meet new staff members and to produce the consistent images asked of me by the company. If you follow the link in the text to Breakwater’s page you’ll see that they don’t make do with a simple headshot, preferring instead to produce an interactive staff page whereby the scroll of a finger or mouse means that the staff members follow the action moving around the clock to follow the page users movement, even showing a funny photograph when the staff member is clicked on to learn more about their role.

It’s not mundane and it’s not boring, it requires a bit more tech savvy and a few more photographs for each new starter but the effect is one that sets Breakwater above their rivals. And hey it’s fun to produce the images with the new staff members because they know they’re going to look good and their photographs consistent with the rest of the team. With thanks to the guys below, then new starters in a great local business. If you need a headshot photographer then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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