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I constantly stress the importance of good photographs for professional social media profiles but they’re almost essential for professional listings and utilised in tenders, documents, emails and a multitude of other uses. Of course it’s essential to have a good quality image, one which reflects your personality, hopefully shows a friendly and approachable face and is well lit with professional lighting equipment, and not marred by dark shadows, or frankly terrible office lighting. However it’s also just as essential to have an image that can be easily utilised, is consistent in it’s crop, colours and lighting with any other images of work colleagues who may be arranged alongside it, an image that can be reproduced 12 months on for a new member of a team, an image that can be downloaded at different resolutions depending on the use it’ll be put too.

I’ve been photographing professional portraits and headshots for a number of years, I’ve photographed MD’s, Scientists, Authors, Tradespersons, and more and essentially the rules above are the same for all of them. I look at how the image will be used and then second guess how it may be used in the future, how a marketing professional may want a different crop 18 months on, how I can keep consistency and offer an image that is as flexible for modern world use as possible. These issues though are second again to the way the individual appears in the photograph. When I photograph someone, I listen to them, I ask them questions, talk to them and then photograph them: I’m looking for a relaxed expression, I’m looking to make sure that they’re comfortable, and that they’re not rushed. It’s something I’m passionate about in my photographs and hope it’s obvious when you look through some of my headshot and portrait photography that the camera, gear and planning comes second to the person in front of the camera.

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