Headshot Photography for Professionals, Companies, and small businesses.

Professionals need images that reflect their professional aspect on social media and publications whilst also showing a bit of the personality with which they engage clients, readers and fans.

Headshot photography can be rushed with poor results or can be relaxed and deliberate in eliciting real representative images. It’s no big secret that most people will relax a little more in front of a camera when they’re engaged, given time to relax and have some fun with the photographer. I aim always to give people time to relax, factor it into the time it will take to produce portraits, aim to give my clients a choice in the photographs they receive, look for natural smiles when they come and look for pleasing dispositions rather than severe expressions.

I utilise either studio based flash that I bring to my client’s location to minimise disruption to the working day or more portable small flash units. They’re professionally set up, ready for your headshots and I normally aim to produce both a plain background headshot and an environmental portrait so that again you have more choice in how you can present yourself. What’s an environmental portrait? It’s usually a portrait in your normal working environment whether that be an office, on-site, workshop or your home office desk. Don’t forget that headshots are not always plain backgrounds but can reliably tell us a great deal about where you work whether that’s outdoors or indoors.

I’ve a great deal of experience now in taking headshots, from spending time with individual professionals updating their websites, and updating old social media profiles, to supplying images of each employee to larger companies that rely on a close working relationship with their clients and customers. I produce a high quality, considered product, and hope that it makes my clients easy to approach, and more successful in their business.

These photographs are from a recent headshot photography session for a local professional.

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